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Right out of the gate, your schedule will be filled with educational courses and competitive auditions during the first three days of the cruise. With previous classes offered such as, “Surviving the Audition: Tips & Tricks for Auditions,” and “The 5 Secrets to being a Peak Performer,” you’ll be prepped and ready to showcase your best skills. Following the first half of your trip, you’ll have the chance to get out and explore the ports, where we give you the option to have professional photographers shoot portfolio images of you in front of stunning locations.

Rounding out the week, talent will receive one-on-one callback opportunities as well as open interviews, solely dependent upon the decisions of the industry professionals. At the end of the convention, GSN will close with an awards ceremony, including final performances from the top singers, dancers and comedians. Additionally, a choreographed group troupe performance will take place, and educational scholarships will be awarded by some of the top companies in our industry.

Day after day, your schedule will be packed with competitive and educational opportunities perfectly intermingled with fun for you and your whole family; both on the ship and at the beautiful ports!

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