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Our events are held on a cruise ship headed from Florida to the Caribbean or Cozumel, from southern California down the west coast to Mexico or north from New York to Canada, at least twice each year. Our past events have been on Carnival, as will be our next several. This provides your family an affordable vacation at the same time you accomplish your goals of meeting and performing for the “movers and shakers” in our industry. This is your chance to SHINE, to perform in front of many of the top modeling and talent agents from around the world and to meet them one-on-one, all in one weekend.

The best way to get representation in this industry is to audition for the top model and talent agencies, managers, casting directors and industry professionals. You have to get their attention on your skills. Going into their busy office for an open call does not usually work. They are busy and their focus is not on you.

Prepare to competitively audition in the following categories:
Runway | Swimsuit | Photography | Scene Study
Monologue | Improv | Singing | Dancing | Comedy

Three action-packed days! Participants have the chance to audition and compete in numerous Music, Model, and/or Talent events. There are educational seminars by the industry professionals, one-on-one Callbacks as well as Open Interview opportunities.

GSN commits to an agent-talent ratio of 8:1; ensuring that you will be seen by the casting agents and other industry professionals attending this competition.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with the best companies around the world in our industry. Not only the best companies, but we make sure that the people that attend from each company are qualified to make decisions as much as possible on whether or not their company can work with you if you are given a callback.